When is the best time to see aurora ?
From Mid-August to End of April.
September/November: the temperatures are not too cold. We can see the northern light’s reflection in lakes and rivers.
December to April the landscapes are fully covered by snow, a real winter wonderland to enjoy northern lights.

Where is the best place to see aurora ?
Of course you have to be in the Arctic Circle, but there is not a better country, there is only a better place
for each night.
Every night is different for aurora hunting and I never end up at the same place.
I ALWAYS start from ROVANIEMI in Finland, but the destination can be anywhere between
Finland, Sweden and Norway according to the weather conditions of the night (often 1 or 2 of those countries are covered by clouds and that affects the choice of the destination). We will come back to Rovaniemi on the same night after the hunt.

What time the tour will start ?
If all Finland is covered by clouds we might need to go to Sweden or Norway…
Norway, the departure might be around 13:30, but if we can get a clear sky at only 1 hour from Rovaniemi, the departure can be 19:00… And everything in between.
And same for the time of coming back, it depends of how far we need to drive according to the weather.
Hard night can be: from 13:30 to 7:00 a.m
Easy night can be: from 19:00 to 1:00 a.m
The weather and space weather are changing very fast, so I will provide the pickup time only on the day of your reservation.

“I want to go on day ** of **** month… Will it be good for northern light ?”
We can’t know until the day before the tour, or on same day. So you will have to wait until the day of your reservation to know more about the situation.
But one thing is that if on the day of your booking, if 3 of those countries are covered by clouds, or there in no northern light possible, I will have to cancel and postpone the tour (no need to go for nothing), if I cancel of course you won’t pay anything.

Where is the nearest airport to join the excursion(s) ?
Rovaniemi airport.

How many days should I stay to see aurora ?
I would say 5 days are good so you have time to enjoy other things in Lapland.
If on the day of your booking the sky is fully covered by clouds everywhere in nordic countries and we have to cancel the aurora hunt, we can postpone on an other day (that’s why you should book for the beginning of the trip).

Temperature ?
Bring warm layers and several pairs of wool socks, gloves, hat and winter boots. I have some overalls if needed.
In winter temperatures can be between -5°C and -40°C.

What happens if we don’t see northern light ?
So far, I never failed yet. But if one day it happens, you don’t need to pay anything (just a tips for the fuel and my hours if you want to…).

What colors can we see ?
The easiest color to see is green. When the aurora isn’t strong, it will appear grey (but still can see some green on the camera). When the aurora is super strong, you can see stronger green and sometimes even pink (rarely but can be red as well).

Why come with me ?
Real Aurora Hunter
Small groups only ! 8 people maximum
No time and distance limit
So far I have 100% successful northern light hunt
Experienced and passionate guide
English and French speaker guide
Professional photography included

Price: 250€/person
Cancelation fees: 10% of the price if you decide to cancel.
Cancelation fees: 0% of the price if I have to cancel (because of the weather condition).

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