Northern Light Hunt

with photography


FREE if no northern light


Northern Lights can be seen from mid-August to mid-April.

September, October, February and March being generally less cloudy.

December and January lead often to longer hunts (further distance to drive), and also more nights in which we have to cancel the hunt cause of the clouds everywhere in nordic countries. In addition, they are the most touristic months (more expensive hotels and flights…)

The intensity of the lights vary greatly from one night to the next, regardless of the month.

I always do the research in beginning of the afternoon for the upcoming night.

The weather forecast is not reliable (no need to check the forecast days before cause it will change anyway, in addition the latest forecast will mostly be wrong anyway).

Regarding northern lights, we can only anticipate about 2 to 3 hours ahead (with the data we receive in live from the satellites about the solar activity, magnetic field… etc).

That is why asking me “According to your experience, do you think that day will be good for northern lights ?” is a question that can’t be answered because it doesn’t work that way with northern lights.

There isn’t a better place. Every night will be a different place to be able to find the northern lights. That is why it’s called “Northern light HUNT”. One night we might have to stay in Finland, one night we might end up in Sweden… Sometimes short distance driving is required and sometimes several hours driving (decision taken on same day according to the conditions of the night).

In earliest cases it could be 3:00 p.m , in latest cases midnight. The starting time is determined and shared to you on the day of your reservation (adapted to the conditions of that night).

The exact departure time depends on factors such as the distance we need to drive and the solar activity, magnetic field, etc… for Northern Lights.

For the ending time of the tour, it’s unpredictable since it’s a real Northern Lights hunt.

You wouldn’t need to pay anything. Tips for the use of the car would be welcomed, but you wouldn’t have to.

Nights with small northern lights are still charged, however it’s free if no northern light at all.

When coming to Lapland, it is crucial to be ready for the freezing temperatures that can plummet as low as -40°C. To ensure your comfort and safety, it’s necessary to have suitable winter clothing. You will need warm layers, cozy wool socks, insulated gloves, a good hat, and sturdy winter boots, hand warmers, I’ve compiled a list of the finest winter gear options to help you prepare for your trip. Stay warm and enjoy your winter adventures!

The colors and intensity of the Northern Lights vary from one night to an other. Typically, you can expect to see shades of green (more or less saturated depending on nights), which is the most common colour. However, depending on the atmospheric conditions and the intensity of the solar activity, you may occasionally also witness other colors such as pink or red (more rare) and even blue (extremely rare). The intensity of the lights can vary from a night with faint and subtle northern light to a night with vibrant and dancing across the whole sky. Each display is unique.

Rovaniemi airport. (15 min driving from the city center of Rovaniemi).

Booking for a five-day/1 week period allows for flexibility and the opportunity to enjoy other activities in Lapland. If the sky is completely covered by clouds throughout the Nordic countries on the day of your booking, resulting in the cancellation of the northern light hunt, you have some days to reschedule. It is recommended to book the northern light hunt at the beginning of your trip to allow for potential rescheduling if needed. While I cannot guarantee availability on another day if the excursion needs to be canceled, if I do have availability, you will be given first priority for rescheduling.

-Real Northern Light Hunter

-Professional photographies included

-Small groups only

-No time limit – I’ll do everything to ensure you witness the Northern Lights on that night

-Pay only if we catch the northern lights

-Hundreds hunts of experience

-Fluent in English and French

The Northern Lights vary in intensity each night. Some nights they can be small and less colorful, while other nights they may be larger and more vivid. The impressive Northern Lights you see on my social medias are the result of frequent hunting.

Rest assured, I will do everything I can to help you witness the Northern Lights during your reserved night. Finding the lights is my job and passion, but the intensity in the colors, shapes and movements is not under my control (or any other human being). However, I made this dream come true for hundreds of people, and I am looking forward to meeting you.


I will pick you up at the meeting place (8 people maximum. More people on request).

The pick up time is given on the same day, and is adapted to the conditions of the night (sometimes given at the last minute with the latest updates of the research for the hunt).

Professional photos