What are the best options of accommodations in Rovaniemi?

You have two accommodation options to choose from:

-My new apartment (from 2023), located in the city center.

-A curated list of the best budget and premium hotels in Rovaniemi, along with a Search Tool.

Both options provide a comfortable stay, allowing you to select what suits your preferences and budget.

When is the best time to see northern lights?

Northern Lights can be seen from mid-August to mid-April, with September and March being generally more active. However, the intensity of the lights can vary greatly from one night to the next, regardless of the month. Making some estimation on Northern Lights is possible only 1 to 2 hours in advance, not days or weeks ahead. The weather, especially cloud cover, in the Arctic Circle is unpredictable, often leading to unexpected changes in the hunt for clear skies. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the best time for Northern Lights in advance. During a Northern Lights hunt, the weather and space weather are monitored throughout the day, and decisions on timing and direction are made accordingly, sometimes even at the last minute. This is the reality of experiencing a true Northern Lights adventure.

«I want to go on a specific day. Will it be good for northern light?»

The visibility of Northern Lights cannot be determined until the day of your reservation. The occurrence and visibility of the lights depend on various factors such as solar activity, weather conditions, and atmospheric conditions. Cloud conditions are constantly changing, even during the evening while we are on the hunt. The space weather, which generates the Northern Lights, is monitored in real time by satellites. This enables us to make some predictions about the lights, typically only 1 to 2 hours before they are expected to appear.

Where is the best place to see northern lights?

To hunt the Northern Lights, being in the Arctic Circle is necessary, but the best location vary each night. Every night brings a unique experience for aurora hunting, and I rarely return to the same place. I always begin from Rovaniemi in Finland, but the destination for the hunt can be anywhere in Finland, Sweden, or Norway, depending on the weather and space weather. Cloud coverage often affects the choice of the destination, as one or two of these countries may be fully covered by the clouds. After the hunt, we return to Rovaniemi on the same night.

The best winter clothes for the freezing temperature of Lapland?

When coming to Lapland, it is crucial to be ready for the freezing temperatures that can plummet as low as -40°C. To ensure your comfort and safety, it’s necessary to have suitable winter clothing. You will need warm layers, cozy wool socks, insulated gloves, a good hat, and sturdy winter boots. For added warmth protection, I’ve got you covered and can provide overalls.

For the rest (layers, socks, gloves, hat, boots, hand warmers), I’ve compiled a list of the finest winter gear options to help you prepare for your trip. Stay warm and enjoy your winter adventures!

What time does the tour usually start?

The tour’s starting time can range from 13:00 to midnight. The exact time depends on factors such as the distance we need to travel and the solar activity for Northern Lights. The starting time is determined and shared to you on the day of your reservation due to the ever-changing weather and space weather, allowing us to maximize the chances of success. If the drive is long, we may start as early as 13:00 (13:00 for the most extreme conditions requiring to drive to Norway), but for shorter distances, we can start later in the afternoon or evening. Occasionally, even with a short distance, we may need to wait for improved solar activity before beginning, which could result in starting as late as midnight. Be prepared to start anytime between 13:00 and 00:00, and I will keep you updated throughout the day. For the ending time of the tour, it’s unpredictable since it’s a Northern Lights hunt, the range of getting back home is around from 23:00 to 7:00 a.m (7:00 a.m for the most extreme conditions as a trip to Norway).

What happens if we don’t see northern light?

If during that night there is no northern light to be seen, you wouldn’t need to pay anything. If you want to give a tips for the gas that can be welcomed, but don’t need to.

Last season on 22nd of March 2023, the northern lights were almost not visible on the camera and nothing with naked eyes. I should have cancelled with those data but customers really wanted to try anyway, so we went and what was expected happen: no northern light at all with naked eyes. So I just didn’t make people pay anything (I had place on the next night and took those same customers on 23rd of March and it has been one of the best night of the season for northern light, and they paid for that night of 23rd of March only).

So let’s just say if it would fail and we see literally nothing, then you owe me nothing. Otherwise, no matter how small or big, the hunt as to be paid.

What colors and intensity can I expect?

The colors and intensity of the Northern Lights vary from one night to an other. Typically, you can expect to see shades of green, which is the most common color. However, depending on the atmospheric conditions and the intensity of the solar activity, you may occasionally also witness other colors such as pink (few times per month) or red (few times per season), and even blue (extremely rare). The intensity of the lights can range from faint and subtle to vibrant and dancing across the whole sky. Each display is unique.

Where is the nearest airport to join the excursion(s)?

Rovaniemi airport. (15 min driving from the city center of Rovaniemi).

How many days should I travel?

Booking for a five-day/1 week period allows for flexibility and the opportunity to enjoy other activities in Lapland. If the sky is completely covered by clouds throughout the Nordic countries on the day of your booking, resulting in the cancellation of the northern light hunt, you have some days to reschedule. It is recommended to book the northern light hunt at the beginning of your trip to allow for potential rescheduling if needed. While I cannot guarantee availability on another day if the excursion needs to be canceled, if I do have availability, you will be given first priority for rescheduling.

Why should you come with me?

-Real Northern Light Hunter

-Professional photographies included

-Small groups only

-No time or distance limit – I’ll do everything to ensure you witness the Northern Lights on that night

-Pay only if we catch the northern lights

-Hundreds hunts of experience

-Fluent in English and French

My mission

Finding the northern lights. The starting place is always Rovaniemi, Finland but the destination to find them can be anywhere in Finland, Sweden or Norway. In some cases it can be faster to catch northern light, but in the most extreme case, we can have up to 500km (one way) to drive

Northern Light don’t show easily unlike many people think. Good timing, patience knowledge and experience are necessary. But if you’re willing to, the reward is definitely worth the patience and it will become the greatest memory of your life.


Once booked, the price confirmed by instagram message at that time will the price that has to be paid. The price on my website can vary during the season (it has already increased twice this year to fit with the high increasing demand), but once the booking confirmation is done, your price agreed will be the price that has to be paid (no matter if my price is changing during the season. Example: if when you booked the price was agreed at 250€/person, if I raise the price later for the new bookings of new customers, your price remains 250€/person cause this is the price we agreed).

The current price is always visible on the Northern Light Hunt page. 


The Northern Lights vary in intensity each night. Some nights they can be small and less colorful, while other nights they may be larger and more vivid. The impressive Northern Lights you see on my social medias are the result of frequent hunting.

Rest assured, I will do everything I can to help you witness the Northern Lights during your reserved night. Finding the lights is my job and passion, but the intensity in the colors, shapes and movements is not under my control (or any other human being). However, I made this dream come true for hundreds of people, and I am looking forward to meeting you.